Nine tips for safety in towable tube

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Safety is such important when you are enjoy in water sport activities such as surfing, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, or scuba diving.

And as with any sport, participants need to be aware of towable tubing safety tips guidelines in order to enjoy being in or out on the water, minimizing the potential for accidents. Most accidents can be avoided by keeping boating safety in mind. Follow the useful tips regarding safety precautions below to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of others, while in or on the water.

towable tube 2 person
2 person towable tube clearance

1. Know how to swim

You should know how to swim if you want to enjoy the extreme water sports. If you know how to swim, you will feel free with ski tube. Swimming lessons can be useful for the one not good at swim. It is tend to learn quickly for children who learn to swim at a young age. They show much interest to water, which allows them to participate in many types of water activities. For adults, it is better to have advanced swimming skills so they are prepared to assist anyone else who with little experience in the water.

2. Be prepared

Take extra safety accessories and equipment with you when you are boating towable and tubes. The equipment or safety supplies can include extra life jackets/vests or other flotation devices, a mobile phone, first aid kit, tools, bottles of water and towels and anything else that will help to keep participants safe. Most important, ensure you or your passengers are know how to use them properly.

3. Wear a life jacket

Even if you know how to swim, there may be circumstances when you are not able to swim back to the boat, or become incapacitated. A life jacket will keep you afloat and save your energy to enjoy your sport more time. Even in a boat, riders should be wearing life jackets. Make sure that the life jacket fits you properly

4. Keep an eye on children

Children can’t be in the towable tube for adult. There are some tubes designed for learner such as AIRHEAD AHM2, Jobe Kids Starship or Dolphi and cockpit ski tube. Children should wear personal flotation suits or other swimming flotation devices whenever they are in or around the water.

5. Pay attention to the weather forecast

It’s better to always be aware of the current and forecast weather conditions when you are planning any kind of water sport event. This includes the water and sea conditions also. Avoid planning boating tube if the weather forecast predicts rain or storms or high seas/rough water. Also, the weather can change quickly, so you have to be prepared to get to safety if needed.

6. Avoid overexposure to sunlight

During whole summer, it’s important to adequately protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. To protect your skin, and stay hydrated, be sure you have the appropriate strength sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

And you should also protect your eyes and head too: wear sunglasses and a hat when outside in the sun.

7. No alcoholic drinks

Before and during tubing for boating or water sport activity, you should avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol can numb your senses, and slow down your responsibility to the event of a critical situation. More than half of boating accidents involve alcohol, so stay safe can make you enjoy every little bit of your time spent in and around the water!

8. Use a secure tow line

It’s important when water tubing to always make sure that the tow line is securely tied before take off. Be sure to only use rope that is specifically designated for towing inflatables.

towable tube rope

9. Check before you start.

Never start the boat without first making sure that your rider is ready to go. Make sure riders are properly positioned on the tube, and that the line is properly and safely positioned.

Beside, do not over inflate the tube. Or it may explode because of the vigorous activity.

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