What Christmas Activities To Do With Toddlers

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what are fun christmas activities

Christmas is such a magical time for kids, typically decorate Christmas trees, display lights outside their home, set up nativity scenes, and exchange gifts. On this page I am sharing some of what christmas activities to do with your kids and to help me AND you, I’ve put together a fun list of toddler Christmas activities!

DIY Cardboard Toy Gingerbread House

Do your kids wish they could build and decorate gingerbread houses all day long over and over? Here’s a little DIY toy project to try!

christmas activities or games

Felt Christmas Tree

Let your child be creative with decorating a felt tree. To see how we made it, find it here.

christmas activities for toddlers

Read a Christmas Book

Take a trip to your local library to pick out a handful of Christmas books to read aloud to your child. Consider your local librarian.

christmas activities for preschoolers

Make a Paper Chain Garland

Making paper chains is too complicated for toddlers to manage alone, but it’s definitely something that can be done with supervision. Also, remember that including your toddler in the steps of your own or an older child’s project can yield good results and a feeling of success and cooperation for all.

what christmas activities to do

Go ice skating

Take advantage of the cold temperatures and go ice skating! Not only will you have fun, but the kids will be exhausted at the end of the day and you’ll be able to put them to bed easily.

what are christmas activities

Go sledding.

Rather than shoveling the previous night’s snow, bundle up the kids to go sledding. Unlike ice skating, they won’t have to worry about falling on the ice. Consider this towable snow tube which bring lots of fun.

what are fun christmas activities

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