How to deflate a towable tube

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towable tube pump

We’re talking about how to deflate or inflate a towable tube that has a Boston valve.

This is the Boston valve you’re going to pull this out of the package when you’re going to find the opening.

Boston valve

You’re going to thread the Boston valve in there (as picture). Please be very careful you can’t miss this or you’ll get some leakage. It’ll be so small that you won’t notice it at firs.

Boston valve

Here’s trusty pump and you’re hold this thing up and then turn on and inflate.

towable tube for sale

Now how to deflate our towable tubes?

We like to use our pumps to deflate them. It takes the air up nice and quickly.

The first thing you want to do is just open it up and take out your Boston valve.

Boston valve

Make sure that you kind of hold on to the Boston valve because this thing could go flying if it’s over pressurized.

Then on your nice air pump, you have a couple different connectors. There is a deflation one that works really well for it.

towable tube pump

It’s actually our deflate slide that in there, put that in the opening and then you’re going to take the hole from inflation and put it on the opposite side for deflation. Then we turn on the nice pump.

towable tube pump-deflate

Then we’ve seen about this it makes it nice and flat, so makes it easier to fold up and just store. Please make sure that the tube is fully dry before you deflate it.

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