Wakeboard guide for beginner

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A Little History about Wakeboarding

In 1985 a surfer from California, Tony Finn, designed and created the first wakeboard called The Surfer some combination between a water ski and a surfboard, its designed because of the frustration from surfers when their where no waves so they still could go out on the water.

wakeboard and surfboard

Now there are three types of wakeboards

Boat Boards

If your goal is wakeboarding behind a boat, then the Boat Board will be the right one for you.
Especially this board has stiff flex patterns, extremely strong construction features on the base, as well what could be your choice are the either molded on or bolted on fins.

Park Boards

If a Wake Park is more your style, then go for a Park Board. Park Boards usually have softer flex patterns giving a more relaxed feel on the water. They also tend to have featureless bases, these have higher edges and integrated sidewalls on the board to help with stand everyday park ride.

Wake Park Boards have either removable fins or no fins at all. This feature vastly cuts down the chances you’ll get hung up on rails. But the negative sides of having no fins are that you lose a lot of traction control.

Hybrid Boards

For those that would prefer the best of both worlds and want to do both wakeboarding behind a boat as well as spend time with their board at the Wake Park, then a Hybrid Board is what you need. Most all their features fall right between a Boat Board and a Park Board. Most have a softer flex at the nose and tail with stiffness in between. Hybrid Wake Boards are typically built durable, with simple design, and removable fins.

wakeboard boat

Ready To Get Started?

The first thing you should look for is the wakeboard itself. It is not uncommon to find wake board rentals. However, if you plan to consistently wakeboard, it is much more cost-effective to buy a board outright.
Which place would be better than then find one on www.superinflatable.cn we carry a wide selection of top of the line water sport equipment like wake boards.

Choosing a board can be quite a challenge. That’s why it’s a good idea to read more of our blogs or start to follow our Instagram account @super.inflatable where you can consult with our knowledgeable staff. They can answer any questions you may have and recommend the beat board that best suits your needs.

Don’t Forget Your Wetsuit

It also may be a good idea to buy a wet suit. This is especially important if you plan on wakeboarding in colder seasons. You will also need a life vest to stay afloat without having to tread water. Wakeboarding can be a pretty physically taxing activity; you don’t want to expend more energy than is necessary, especially in deep water!

Life Jacket

Optional Protective Gear

There are also impacts vests designed for water sports which offer a bit less buoyancy but more protection from hard impacts. Many people chose to also wear a helmet while wake boarding. If you are renting a wake board, the rental center will probably provide one at no extra cost.

wakeboard helmet

The Fun Begins

Now we can get into riding your wakeboard. One of the most valuable wakeboarding tips, especially for a beginner, is to it making you as relaxed as possible.

Wakeboarding is a water sport. This means that there is a lot of balance and flexibility required. Allowing yourself to relax will make your body to make changes and shift weight a lot easier.

Before you are towed, you will start with the cable in hand and put your knees up as far as possible to your chest. Your arms should be stretched out in front of you.

Wakeboarding is all about going with the flow; once you feel the cable being pulled, allow yourself to roll forward slightly and keep your knees locked as your speed goes up Before you know it, you will be standing upright!

This is often the most difficult part for beginners to master, so don’t be disappointed if it takes a few tired!

wakeboard equipment

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