How parasailing works

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how parasailing is done

This article is about a basic guide to parasailing.

Parasailing is one of the most exciting activities to do out on the water. It has become a favorite thing to do for tourists on their holiday to get a different view from their location. There is nothing more exciting then flying through the air, feeling weightless and see the best skyline of your life. That’s the reason why it’s such a popular activity, unless many people are having no idea of what this sport involves. This leads many people to forgo parasailing because of a lack of information and being a bit afraid of the risks!

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Many people are wondering how parasailing is working so this blog will provide you all the information by the team from the super inflatable factory.

– How does parasailing work?

– How high will you go with your parasail?

– What to wear for parasailing?

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How does parasailing work

Parasailing can be compared to skydiving behind a boat. Instead of falling from the sky, you will be pulled behind a boat with the parachute opened. The wind and speed of the boat helps to get the parachute in the air you will be strapped into the parachute with a series of buckles, straps and other secure belts. As the boat goes faster, the parachute will raise higher into the sky. The average air time’ lasts for around and hour before you will be returned to the boat.

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How high will you go with your parasail?

After learning how to parasail, many people wonder how high the parachute will go during the flight. The average parasailing will take you around 250m into the air. However, there are also special parasailing packages that take people even higher. Some providers offer parasailing 370m into the air. But! There are several factors that can affect the height of a parasail. Wind, boat speed and the weight of you and your friends can all impact this height.

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What to wear with parasailing?

Many people think that parasailing requires special kinds of clothing or equipment. There are some special items that should be worn but all of these will be provided by the company that you will take a flight with…. Helmets, life jackets and harnesses will be all made ready for you and your friends. Other than dressing for the weather, there aren’t many requirements in terms of clothing, they will advise you to wear shoes, although this is not required by the most parasail clubs

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The super inflatable factory

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