10 reasons to buy inflatable air bed

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air bed for kids

1. An air bed is easy to use

New campers and even children know how to use an air bed and how to inflate and deflate… It is very easy to pack away and go for your trip!

Most air beds are made of vinyl. Unlike the folding camp beds that need metal support what it make’s really heavy to transport you do not need to assemble anything or read a manual to set up an air bed. You just have to unroll the bed in your intended space inside or outside the tent, inflate it with a pump or it might even have a build in pump.

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2. Storage space is not a problem

Storing the air bed is also very easy. You can just roll the bed from end to end to press the air out of the bed, stuff it inside your airbed pouch, and you are good to go. Storing your airbed at home is also very easy. Just clean off the sand properly and let it air dry on your washing line before storing it once again inside your airbed pouch to put its way in your closet.

air bed for kids

3. It is weight less

Air beds with manual pumps are more likely to be lighted then the one with the build in pump the regular weight is at approximately two to three kilograms because of their external pump, which is making it great for hiking.

An airbed with a built-in pump weighs from 9 to 12 kg which will be your best friend, if you will be camping near your RV or car as its fast and easy to inflate your bed. Some folding camp beds would weigh a lot more.

Just remember that bigger airbeds also have added more comfort like the self-inflating capability, adjustable firmness, and most off the time a build in pillow. If you are backpacking and you want to have more space for your other stuff, you can forget about a self-inflating  air bed and get an air bed with a manual pump but just Don’t forget to bring the pump! Otherwise, you will be needed to be blowing air by mouth into your air bed.

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4. It provides you a bigger sleeping space

Sleeping bags foldable camping beds and hammocks are made for single sleepers so if you are camping with your family or your friends you will have to bring your sleeping bags individually. You will also have to set up the hammocks and folding beds separately all the time. Which means more space is needed in your bag and more time is spent preparing your bed. On the other hand, you can buy air beds that have different sizes, depending on what you need and the size of your tent. You can choose from different size such as single, twin, double, or queen sizes, see all our size’s on www.superinflatable.cn

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5.  You can choose the ideal capacity

The bed’s capacity depends on the materials used, so you should check the user’s manual which we provide in every airbed, before buying. The quality of the seals, valves, and material will also determine the capacity of the air bed. You will be able to find the air bed’s general weight guidelines in our catalogue.

air bed queen size with built-in pump

6. It is as comfortable as your own bed at home!

Sleeping comfortable like you are in your own bed is something that will be the in one of our airbeds of unlike lying in sleeping bags. When sleeping on an airbed you will be far from the ground and you will not feel the hard surface under you when you go to sleep in an air bed. Also will you be able to stretch your legs and sleep in whatever position you like! Even with a single bed, you have plenty of space to move around, Compared to sleeping in a hammock.

air bed queen size

7. It is made of durable materials

The materials used in most air beds nowadays are sturdy or recycled vinyl. Air beds are resisted up to 300kg of weight.

You can easily roll and unroll your vinyl airbed without causing damage. Unlike foam that can be deformed if used remotely, air beds retain to hold their shape no matter how long you use them as long. If you care for it properly, air beds can be used at home as an extra bed or as a camping bed for a very long time.                                                 

air bed queen

8. It is more affordable then regular beds

The Air beds from superinflatable are generally affordable. We have low prices for a twin sized bed and also of or a queen sized one. You may also get one of our best airbeds with a built-in electric pump for the same price as like sleeping bags cost from $40 to S63, whilst a double sleeping bag is worth around $79.90.

air bed with headboard

9. It has flexible firmness

Wouldn’t you like to rest your tired body on a soft surface? Air beds have adjustable firmness, allowing you to customize it. If you want a firm bed, you can add more air and if you want it softer, you can let some air out. Remember that if you make the bed too firm, it will result in uneven weight distribution on your body, so some parts might feel sore in the morning. A great air bed should support your spine no matter what firmness you choose and you should not be sinking in the middle.

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10. It is easy to maintain

Maintaining an air bed is pretty easy. You just need to wash it once and a while and store it properly. Whilst camping, you can leave it inflated if you will stay in camp for a few days and just deflate it when you are ready to go. Just bring repair patches with you just in case there is a stray twig you did not notice. Check the ground first before inflating your air bed to avoid punctures.

Once you notice that it is slowly deflating on its own, look for a hole and patch it up immediately. Before buying an air mattress, consider the following questions why not buy an airbed from superinflatable?

queen air bed with headboard

The Superinflatable factory is on off the biggest inflatable beds factory from china, for all our airbeds and other inflatable products have a look in our catalogue on www.superinflatable.com

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