What is Aromatherapy Hand Free Personal Neck Fan?

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neck fan

Here comes the sweaty summer! Maybe you just need a Necklace Fan to save you from an embarrassing sweaty face.

So, what’s Neck Fan?
Neck Fan is a small ventilator that hangs on a neck like a necklace and provides a directed air flow right to the face.

neck fan

The Special Hanging-neck Design allows you set your hands free because you can hang the fan on your neck.

neck fan

The portable fan have two wind head, can feel more powerful airflow, not only that, this neckband fan can flexibly adjust the direction 360°, which allows you to find the most appropriate wind direction.

hanging neck fan

No extra batteries are required. The small personal fan is compatible with most computers, laptops, portable chargers and other devices with USB output. This hand free personal fan also has low/medium/high 3 speeds level.

hand free neckband fan

The most distinct features: With two aromatherapy boxes, you can add perfume or anti-mosquito oil through the hole. Aromatherapy helps you avoid the lingering sensation of sweat.

hanging neck fan

If those are not enough, they are compact enough to fit in backpacks, satchels, and even pockets.

This portable fan is ideal for personal cooling, office, outdoor activities, such as camping, trips, hiking, climbing and watching sports etc.

You can’t always depend on air conditioning or a hand fan to keep you cool, so if you tend to perspire a lot, you’re great having a portable neck fan anywhere you go. After all, the last thing you want is for sweat to get in the way of your daily tasks.

hanging neck fan
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